Explorathon @ Curiosity Forest

 Charteris Centre
Fri 6pm-9pm (adults); Sat 10am-5pm 
No booking required

Curiosity Forest returns! Join us for Edinburgh’s art and research-inspired
event in a beautiful indoor woodland! 

On Friday night, there will be a special version of Curiosity Forest just for grown-ups. Join us for a drink and enjoy entertaining, challenging and inspiring insights into what goes on behind the walls of the city’s research institutions in an evening of storytelling with a twist brought to you by some of Edinburgh’s brightest minds.

On Saturday, there will be plenty of activities to delight children and their grown-ups. Join the artists, scientists and researchers who believe that being curious about the world around us is for everyone. Sessions include interactive workshops, storytelling, talks and games – all for free.

  • Look at your own cells under a microscope and find out how DNA packs inside your cells
  • Sort facts from fake news and solve the mystery of Jayberry Jam
  • Learn to fly a drone in the Acrtic and see what your age would be in shrub-years
  • Investigate brand new amber samples and help identify what lies within
  • Whistle your way through a laser-focused computer game to learn about frequency

All this PLUS some amazing storytelling from researchers bringing you all of the excitement of their research with none of the deadlines.