Coffee House Lecture: The Dark Side of Social Media

 Tinderbox Ingram Street
 Friday, 29th Sept. 5.30pm – 7pm
 No Booking required 

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Grab a coffee and a cake and join researchers as they discuss the darker side to social media. Join the debate on how social media is changing people’s lives as it affects our sleep patterns and body image. No booking is required, however space is limited so arrive early to avoid disappointment. 

You will meet:

Dr Maria Gardani, a sleep and circadian disorders specialist. Her research mainly focuses on the onset of sleep disorders following brain injuries and the impact these may have on the everyday lives of those affected and their families.

Dr Heather Cleland Woods, a sleep specialist currently working with adolescents to understand the relationship between social media use, sleep and wellbeing. Her interests lie in promoting understanding of social media use and healthy sleep in schools and the family.

Dr Petya Eckler, an expert in health communication. She is currently focusing on the relationship between social media and body image and is interested in how users can enjoy these platforms in a sustainable and healthy way.

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