Patterns and Puzzles in Place Names

400 Pattersn and Puzzles

 Sir Charles Wilson Building, Uni of Glasgow 
 Friday 29th Sept. 6pm – 7pm

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Braehead, Bishopbriggs, Drumchapel – which is the odd one out? Join us as we uncover the ancient meanings and hidden patterns within the names of Scotland’s cities and towns.

Scotland’s place-names are fascinating and diverse, created by a wide range of people speaking different languages at different times. But within this diversity are recurring patterns that, once recognised, help us to decode the panorama of place-names and understand more about how our ancestors saw the world. In this interactive talk-cum-quiz, Radio Scotland’s “Cryptic Carole” (aka Carole Hough, Professor of Onomastics) unravels some of the main strands within Scottish place-names, and challenges the audience to test their knowledge and intuition.

Ideal for those interested in history, geography quizzes or the generally curious!

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