Explorathon in Edinburgh

Engaging Edinburgh Online

Science beamed into every house in the capital, meet the researchers who push the frontiers in our beloved city. Join us for a smorgasbord of enticing online events and content to celebrate EU Researchers Night 2020 in Edinburgh.


Research Bites

Bite size portions of research from Heriot-Watt University.


Virtually Explore: Science & Engineering

Find out about science & engineering research at The University of Edinburgh


Atomic Architects

Find out what a 2D crystal is, how it is made and how it can be used in the future


Mental Health Data Science Scotland

Find out about Mental Health Data Science


Institute of Genetics & Molecular Medicine

Find out what goes on inside the IGMM

Scottish Seabird Centre

Find out about the impacts of climate change on the ocean

The Lyell Centre

Find out about the earth and marine research happening at the Lyell Centre


Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology

Find out about research into living systems at the molecular level


Beltane Network

The Beltane Public Engagement Network is a partnership between Edinburgh Napier University, Heriot-Watt University, Queen Margaret University and The University of Edinburgh. The mission of the Beltane Network is to support and advance a culture of public engagement with research at its partner universities.

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