Heriot-Watt University’s Atomic Architects exhibit shows what 2D crystals are, how they can be made and combined to create new materials, and how these materials can be used in devices for future technologies.

We travel the UK to tell people all about 2D crystals! Since we can’t do it in person this year, we’ve put together a video and game to show you the magic of 2D crystals!

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Let’s make light with atomically-thin materials!

You are an electron, travelling on different two-dimensional layered materials. If you are able to meet a hole in a 2D semiconductor, you can create a particle of light (a photon).

Unfortunately, several obstacles complicate your path. You could encounter a phonon, a vibration among the atoms of the crystal that will randomly bounce you around and change your energy. Something similar will happen if you rush into an impurity. Scariest of all, you could fall into a charge trap, and never come back.

Are you up to the test? Will you win the challenge and create light?

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Watch our interactive model

The model shows the change in alignment of 2 individual layers of a crystal to produce different atomic spacing and Moire patterns.  These patterns affect the electronic and optical properties of materials.  We can then fine-tune these atomic layers in the lab to make entirely new materials!

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