Dip into these short research bites to discover some of the brilliant work happening at Heriot-Watt University.

Understanding Cognitive Representation
Dr Anna Sedda
Protecting Brain Health
Professor Alan Gow
Changing Medicine with Microsystems
Dr Helen Bridle
Manufacturing Lasers
Professor Duncan Hand
Redesigning the Pressure Garment
Dr Lisa Macintyre
Measuring the Smallest Magnetic Fields
Dr Cristian Bonato
Characterising Particle Behaviours
Professor Raffaella Ocone
Understanding the Juniper Berry
Dr Matthew Pauley

Teaching Machines to Talk
Professor Verena Rieser
Achieving a Low-Carbon Energy Future
Professor Sebastian Geiger
Community-Based Mitigation of Landslide Risk
Dr Harry Smith

Robots, Autism, and the Workplace
Dr Thusha Rajendran
Brick by Brick: Revolutionising the Construction Industry
Professor Gabriela Medero
Deaf People, Sign Language and Social Justice
Professor Jemina Napier
A Systems Approach to Floods and Drought
Professor Lindsay Beevers

Spearheading Sustainable Energy For All
Professor Mercedes Maroto-Valer
Talking Tech: Machines in Conversation
Professor Oliver Lemon
Uncovering the Secrets of Carbon Transport
Dr Ryan Pereira
Can Homelessness Happen to Anyone?
Professor Suzanne Fitzpatrick
Why Do Some Companies Always Perform Better?
Professor Umit Bititci