The Centre for Cell Biology is one of fifteen UK-based Wellcome Trust Centres, three of which are in Scotland. We were granted full Centre status by the Wellcome Trust in 2001, the year that the draft human genome was published. Our mission is to play a significant part of the scientific global endeavour aimed at understanding living systems at the molecular level, making discoveries that advance knowledge of normal and abnormal cell function.

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Cells Are US

DNA exists in every cell of our body and carries the unique recipe that makes up each living thing. Discover more through our instructions to make your own edible biscuit cells.

Share photos of your home-made biscuits with us on Instagram using the following handle and hashtag: @wccb_pe #cellbiscuits

On our Instagram discover glass art made by researchers in the Centre with the help of a Glass artist, and photos from one of our most popular engagement events ‘Tattoo my Science’ : transferable and henna tattoos about cell biology. 

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