• When: Friday 27 September 2019 3:15 pm - 4:45 pm
  • Admission: Admission Free
  • Booking: Booking required
  • Venue Name: Room 16, Islesburgh Community Centre, Lerwick Shetland Islands Council ZE1 0EQ


Creating a new leadership model- Cooperative Leadership.

Neil McLennan, Senior Lecturer and Programme Director for MSc Leadership & Professional contexts University of Aberdeen.

Early leadership theorising started with Scottish writer Thomas Carlyle’s ‘Great Man’ theory. Since then there has been a dramatic increase in leadership literature and in other models of leadership theory. None have stood the test of time or delivered the transformational results envisaged nor the democratisation demanded in decision making. As we seek a sustainable and co-existent world could a newly proposed leadership model, cooperative leadership, offer a viable alternative to existing leadership approaches? Neil McLennan will share his work on how this might change thinking on leadership and create a new leadership paradigm.

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