• When: Saturday 28 September 2019 11:30 am - 4:00 pm
  • Admission: Admission Free
  • Booking: No booking required (drop-in)
  • Venue Name: Ocean Terminal Shopping Centre
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    Find out about the amazing things happening in research while you do your shopping! Join us for an extravaganza of demonstrations and fascinating exhibits with free drop-in activities and talks for families, community members, shoppers and visitors alike at Ocean Terminal!  No booking is required, all events are free and all ages are welcome.

    Talks will take place in the Memory Association Shop

    ‘This is not my arm’ by Dr Anna Sedda from Heriot-Watt University 

    ‘This is not my arm’, I am sure this is not the question you ask yourself every morning, when you wake up. You might never actually ask this. Our physical body is paralleled by a cognitive representation, in other words, we are able to “see” and “feel” our body and body parts with the mind’s eye. This representation is controlled by the neurons in our brain, much as other amazing things we can do such as breathing and eating pizza. Thanks to these processes, we never doubt our body belongs to us.

    Here and there, though, brain injuries and physical injuries damage our ability to imagine the body with the mind’s eye. Sometimes, after a brain stroke, people are confused and do not feel anymore that their left arm is theirs. This unusual behaviour disappears after some time.

    However, there are cases where there is no brain or physical injuries, and nonetheless people want to get rid of one of their limbs!

    If you are curious about this fascinating topic and want to learn more, join me! I will guide you in this discovery journey. Be warned though: you will never think about your body in the same way!


    ‘Virtue Videos!’ by Shalhavit-Simcha Cohen, PhD Student at Edinburgh University 

    If you’re interested in learning more about well-being then this session is for you!

    Over the session we will watch 3 short films and chat about the psychological issues they raise such as: Touch, Social Support, and Expressive writing. You will learn some exercises for well-being and techniques to incorporate into your daily life.

    So come by and explore the psychology of well-being with me!


    In partnership with Leith Labs.  Visit their website, Facebook or Twitter for more details.


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