What can we learn from a headstrong donkey determined to drop its rider into a ditch, a WW1 soldier refusing his corporal’s order to make coffee, or an ancient scribe doodling a labyrinth on a clay tablet? On the Miniatures podcast we show that the big picture in history is best seen through a collage of such individual and local stories. In this live episode, researchers from the University of St Andrews share their favourite ‘miniatures’ and explore what these isolated, unusual, and perhaps even whimsical stories from the past can tell us about the texture and fascination of history.

Whether you’re already interested in the past or you’re someone who finds history to be dry and distant from your everyday life experiences, join us to delve into new miniature historical worlds and to learn what is missed when we paint history with a broader brush.

The researchers would also love to hear from you during the café! If you’d like your own ‘miniature’ from your personal history to be featured on the podcast, please email your story to Please indicate whether you would like to be named or to remain anonymous if your story is featured on the episode.

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