• When: Monday 20 September 2021 - Sunday 26 September 2021
  • Admission: Admission Free
  • Booking: No booking required (drop-in)
  • Venue Name: Various


#MyCallToTheWorld is a public engagement campaign, as part of the wider Phone Call to the World project, which gathers young people’s testimonies voicing what they want to change for the future of the world. Through submitting an environmental ‘proposal for the future’, bespoke #MyCallToTheWorld digital posters are then generated for each participant, sharing their statement and where they are making the call from. The coloured sound globe in the centre of the poster is animated to react to a voice recording of the statement, making each poster unique to the individual participating.

These statements will be witnessed by the Scottish public at the end of September via digital billboards and phone kiosks in various cities across the country before, in turn, being archived and displayed in a virtual gallery space in November for COP26. The statements range in content; from concerns regarding the health of the Earth’s forests and seas, to practical advice about accomplishing change through both governmental policy and individual action. On being disseminated through digital screens across Scotland, these posters confront the public passerby in their everyday movements, asserting the importance of environmental consciousness, compassion and kindness, coming from a generation who will be living it. Furthermore, the online gallery will then reinforce this claim, by collating all young people’s visions from #MyCallToTheWorld in the same space, for audiences to explore, engage with and reflect upon.

MyCallToTheWorld – Times and Locations

The #MyCallToTheWorld campaign will be live in 17 locations across Scotland from 20-26 September 2021. These are as follows:

• Eastgate Shopping Centre, Inverness

• 179, 200, 204, 253, 254 & 367 Union Street, Aberdeen

• George Square, Glasgow

• Killermont Street, Glasgow

• St Vincent Place, Glasgow

• Cathedral Street (opposite City of Glasgow College), Glasgow • 144 Argyle Street, Glasgow

• Vinicombe Street, Glasgow

• 1 Mill Street, Perth

• 4 & 133 South Street, Perth

• 128 Lothian Road, Edinburgh

• 2 South Charlotte Street, Edinburgh

• Edward’s Shandwicks, 4 South Charlotte Street, Edinburgh

• Beehive, 18 Grassmarket, Edinburgh

• Doctors, 32 Forrest Road, Edinburgh

• Milnes, 35 Hanover Street, Edinburgh

• Amber Rose, 22 Castle Street, Edinburgh

If you see the campaign when you are walking about these Scottish cities in September, remember to take a selfie with the screen and @scottish_youth_theatre, including the hashtag #MyCallToTheWorld!

You can keep up to date with all developments of #MyCallToTheWorld and Phone Call to the World via Scottish Youth Theatre’s social media: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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