Meaning ‘chit chat’ in Japanese, join researchers from across Scotland as they present their latest research findings and discuss how science research can impact on our lives.

This quick and dynamic presentation style gives researchers 20 slides and 20 seconds to talk about each slide. Audience members will find out about the latest research coming from Scottish Universities.

Presenters and topics being featured:

Dr Sadaf Ashraf, University of Aberdeen – Ageing, Osteoarthritis & Joint Pain

Dr Steven Johnson, University of Glasgow – Can Computers See in the Dark?

Zoe Gidden, University of Edinburgh – Making the Invisible Visible: Imaging proteins in living cells

Emma Hobbs, St Andrews University

Dr Christina Elliott, University of Glasgow – Drug repositioning in Alzheimers Disease: Can you teach an old drug new tricks?

Lola Casal-Sanchez, Robert Gordon University – Approaching Workforce Diversity in Aged Care Homes

Dr Riko Hatakeyama, University of Aberdeen – Why do I Study Microbes? Because they tell us about us!

Dr Anne-Marie Weijmans, University of St Andrews – A Galaxy Tour Through the Universe

Beth McCaw, University of Aberdeen

Dr Gael Morrow, University of Aberdeen – What Happens When We Bleed?

Abbie Brewer, University of Dundee

Dr David Kothamasi, Strathclyde University

Hannah Bialic, University of Glasgow – The Many Faces of Autoimmune Disease

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