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    Join Professor David Burslem, Director of the University of Aberdeen’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Environment & Biodiversity, will explore the potential conflicts and compromises over land use that may emerge to meet current challenges in relation to climate change, biodiversity loss and food insecurity. 

    In the public sphere, local and national policies are being promoted that would enhance afforestation to capture carbon in new trees. The Scottish Government’s draft Biodiversity Strategy, which is currently out for consultation, includes commitments to restore and expand natural habitats for biodiversity conservation, and governments at multiple levels have signed up to international policies that envisage restoration of ecosystems for biodiversity. Private landowners are also contributing to this agenda, especially in Scotland which houses several large-scale efforts to rewild the countryside.  

    As a result, landscapes are set to change, which may have significant implications for food production, where and how people live, and the way that different land-uses are valued.  

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