Pain is something that almost everyone has had experience with, from jamming our fingers, stubbing our toes to getting a headache. On the whole this type of pain normally fades as we heal or goes away after taking pain killers.

But what about pain that doesn’t go away or isn’t stopped by pain killers? Imagine having chronic and persistent pain for years whilst trying to live your life and go about your day to day tasks. For people suffering from chronic inflammatory diseases this is the reality and they can live every day with persistent pain.

At the University of Glasgow we are taking steps to better understand this type of pain, and to do this we are looking at the brain. We will use transcranial magnetic stimulation to target areas of the brain we suspect are involved in pain and will image these regions using magnetic resonance imaging to generate a detailed picture of brain networks involved. If you want to find out more about our cutting edge research come along to our talk.

Recommended for age 14+