• When: Thursday 21 September 2023 12:00 pm - Thursday 21 September 2023 1:40 pm
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  • Venue Name: University of Glasgow Advanced Research Centre, 237A
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    11 Chapel Lane, Glasgow G11 6EW

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    See, Feel, Embrace the sound. Evelyn Glennie’s postcards from her journey across the world feed into the creation of music from the interior of one of the most unique perspectives of sound and image on the planet. 

    At the heart of every life form there is rhythm. Movement, flow, change, renewal and repe- tition are all based in rhythm. It is only in rhythm, that we can experience time. Without vibration, without oscillation, there is statis. There is nothing. Stability and solidity are illusions. Everything oscillates and vibrates – from the bridge of steel and concrete, to the energy shells around an atom. Even colours oscillate at different frequencies. We recognize and experience our world through rhythm. Everything vibrates – everything „speaks“. It is, in essence, a universe of sound. Evelyn Glennie lives in this universe in a way that almost no one else does. Together with her, this film dives in to the world of sound and rhythm – and into the world of our origins.  

    Evelyn Glennie embarks upon the recording of a new CD, within the four walls of a vast, decaying, industrial warehouse. She is the top classical, solo percussionist in the world – a role virtually of her own creation; a musician especially for whom an entire corpus of works has been written, yet, for this CD, the pages of the score are blank. She sits in this light-filled space with Fred Frith – the great master of avant-garde music. Together they will create a CD as an improvisational exploration of sound and image using the space around them, as well as their instruments and intuitive talent, they follow this twin-track route. Hearing images. Seeing sound.  

    The starting point for Thomas’ and Evelyn’s journey is the sounds and rhythms that surround us in everyday life. And from there, the path delves deeper – sculpting the nature of sound itself, discovering its genesis and how the universe depends upon it. Thomas and Evelyn track the road from breath to heart beat. From silence to music. From hearing to seeing to feeling. From fluid vibration to solid matter.  

    About the director: 

    Thomas Riedelsheimer was born September 1963; studied at the Academy for Film andTelevision in Munich (1984-1991) since1986 free-lance author, director and cameraman in Germany and abroad (Somalia, Tanzania, South Africa, New Zealand, Latvia, Russia, Tibet, Nepal, Japan, Canada, Scotland, India, Georgia, etc.); lecturer at seminars on cinematography and documentary film making; camera work with 16mm, S16mm and 35mm, as well as with all video formats. Until 2008 partner in Filmquadrat, a film production platform with Stefan Tolz and Thomas Wartmann. In 2008, Thomas Riedelsheimer and Stefan Tolz founded the production company Filmpunkt GmbH. Since October 2007 he is teaching regularly at Filmakademie Ludwigsburg, Germany. In 2009/2010 he was teaching film at Emily Carr University in Vancouver, Canada.  

    Thomas Riedelsheimer lives in Munich, is married and has two children. He is a member of the German and European Film Accademy. He has several major national and international film and television awards for directing as well as for editing and camerawork and several nominations for the official section of international festivals. 

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    Duration: 99 min
    Language: English 

    No age restrictions 

    Shown courtesy of Skyline Productions Ltd and Filmpunkt GmbH