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    This event is being held in partnership with the WAYWord Festival

    A picture is worth 1000 words…but why should photography and language be separated? In this workshop we will explore the potential of using photography in a therapeutic manner, helping us to utilise it as a catalyst for communication and focus on issues that are important to us. We will learn about the power of the photograph as we investigate our own images and image making, and then look at incorporating words to further enhance the therapeutic power of creativity. The poetry part of the workshop will then amplify this linking of words and images through deep listening to our experience in order to show the value of doing so. Linking our words, images and experiences can be restorative and life enhancing through meaningful conversations.

    The workshop introduces attendees to the possibilities of therapeutic photography and helps them to understand the value of connecting words and images. Attendees will be helped to take and use photographs and to find words to explore feelings, their sense of self and a variety of other topics.

    Attendees will need a phone or other device containing their own photos and for taking pictures. They will also need pens and paper (or other device for writing).

    Neil Gibson is a senior lecturer and the course leader for BA (Hons) Social Work at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen. His research interests include therapeutic practice, particularly the use of photography as a therapeutic tool. In 2018 he completed his PhD which looked at the role of therapeutic photography within groupwork and has since released a book on the topic. He is also the course leader for the first academic programme to deliver a Post Graduate Certificate in Therapeutic Photography.

    Wendy Lowe is the Lead for Student Support at the School for Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition in the University of Aberdeen. Wendy draws on poetry and art to explore deep listening which is restorative to our connection to self. She has recently written a book on suffering and surviving health inspired by her time with healthcare students and clinicians. She also writes a blog on suffering which can be found on – this blog is a forum for exploring issues related to medical students and beyond. Her twitter handle is @medsocmeded There is a deep satisfaction in being able to connect words, with images, with experiences.

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